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Competitive/Select Baseball

OMYBS Competitive Program Rules & Regulations

Note:  These rules apply to all of the following competitive team formats.  Please refer to the Competitive/Select Program FAQ document for more details.

1. Select teams that are formed to play in the GBBA tournament after the conclusion of the
regular REC season.

2. OTM teams that are formed to play in the 11 & 12-year-old OTM league at OMBYS.

3. Select teams formed to play outside of the REC, GBBA or OTM programs that would like to
utilize OMYBS facilities.

1. General Competitive/Select Coaches Requirements
1.1. The head coach must sign and agree to the Competitive Team Coach’s Code of Conduct.
1.2. The head coaches must complete the online concussion training and return a copy of the
certificate to the Director of Competitive Baseball before they will be given field access.
1.3. Coaches of teams with any player not registered for Spring REC & OTM baseball, must show
proof of team liability insurance before practice can begin. A team with 100% REC players or any
registered team in the OTM programs will be covered under the OMYBS insurance.
1.4. Coaches must agree to a background check.
1.5. Teams are able to begin practicing per the field availability guidelines below as long as they
have completed all of the registration requirements.

2. Competitive/Select Roster Requirements
2.1. Teams that wish to participate in the post-season GBBA tournament, please refer to the
GBBA rules to ensure the required number of REC participants for each age group.
2.2. Competitive/Select teams may include players who are not currently registered in the
OMYBS REC program. All players not actively participating in the REC program are still required
to pay a Field Fee to be determined by the board based on the current REC registration fee minus
the cost of REC uniforms, in order to be able to participate in practices on OMYBS fields.
2.3. It will be up to coaches/parents to form Select teams. OMYBS does not have an official role
in forming these teams expect for the post-season GBBA teams (see 2.4).
2.4. For Select teams that wish to participate in the post-season GBBA tournament at ages 6-8,
there is no limit on the number of teams OMYBS can form at each age group and OMYBS will help
facilitate forming as many teams as possible for each age group.
2.4.1. OMBYS will communicate with parents prior to April 1st to determine the total
number of players in each age group that would like to participate in the GBBA program.
2.4.2. This list will be provided to the coaches interested in forming GBBA teams. It will
be up to the coaches in each age group to form individual teams. In order for a team to be
formed, there must be a coach willing to volunteer and a minimum number of players
interested in playing.
2.4.3. If after all interested coaches have formed teams there are still players who
expressed a desire to participate on a GBBA team who have not been selected, OMYBS will

reach out to the parents of those players to see if any parent would like to coach a GBBA
team for the remaining players.
2.5. For ages 9 and above, individual coaches/parents may form Select teams at any point before
or during the season. OMYBS may help facilitate the formation of additional teams for entry in
the GBBA tournament if needed.
2.6. 11 & 12-year-old teams that wish to participate in the OTM program are formed by coaches
prior to the registration process and will register for that program as a complete team. The head
coach will contact OMYBS, provide his complete roster and request to participate in the OTM

3. Competitive/Select Practice Field Availability (Ages 6-8)
3.1. Field availability in the 6-8 age group will be prioritized for the REC program and for teams
made up of REC participants that wish to play in the post-season GBBA tournament. As a general
rule, no field access will be granted for other Select teams in this age group.
3.2. OMYBS will make field space available for coaches interested in forming a GBBA team, and
any participant that is interested in participating on a GBBA team beginning on the first Sunday
after the opening game of the regular season. From this date through April 1st, select activities
are limited to Sunday afternoon and must be in a clinic/evaluation format open to all interested
players. It will be up to the REC coaches in each age group to determine if they will run clinics
prior to April 1st & to organize these activities.
3.3. Although not required, it is recommended that the coaches in each age group meet prior to
April 1st and discuss the formation of select teams. OMYBS and the appropriate Age Group
Director can help facilitate this discussion if necessary, but it is up the coaches to select the GBBA
3.4. GBBA teams officially register with OMYBS for post-season field access beginning April 1st
and will be allowed Sunday afternoon only practice times for the final weeks of the REC season.
3.5. REC make-up games will always take precedence over GBBA team practices.
3.6. After the REC season is concluded, GBBA teams will have equal access to the fields in May,
June, July, and August for a TEAM fee of $100/per month.

4. Competitive/Select Practice Field Availability (Ages 9-12)
4.1. After the REC season is concluded, Select teams will have equal access to the fields in May,
June, July, and August for a TEAM fee of $100/per month.
4.2. During the Spring REC season, Select teams consisting of current REC program participants
will be given first priority for practice space on Sunday afternoons (Wednesdays will be an option
where field space allows).
4.3. During the Spring REC season, Select teams which are not made up of current REC program
participants will be evaluated for field space if it is available after allocating field space to REC
teams and Select teams made up of current REC participants. It will be up to the OMYBS Board to
determine if additional field space is available and allocate it to requesting Select teams.

5. Fall Select Field Access For All Ages
5.1. Fall Select teams can have equal access to OMYBS facilities during the months of Sept, Oct,
and Nov for the same price as FALL REC participants but are not required to participate in the
OMYBS Fall REC program.
5.2. Fall SELECT teams that are not part of the REC or OTM programs do not receive uniforms,
baseballs, or umpires.
5.3. OMYBS does recommend that all upcoming 7 and 9 year olds participate in the OMYBS REC
fall program because of the change to coach pitch and kid pitch respectively.
6. Miscellaneous
6.1. OMYBS may host in-season and/or post season tournaments at any OMYBS facility and/or
field. During those events, Select teams may not be permitted to use the fields.
6.2. Select teams must purchase their own equipment for use in post season play. **This
includes, but is not limited to catcher’s gear and heart guards.

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